Thursday, 29 March 2012

Humming Television Set3

Sleep escapes me too easily today as I keep turning on the bed, rolling over onto my stomach, putting on my glasses, maybe to see the dark better and then I take them off, glancing quickly at what I believe is Daniel’s sleeping figure, his back turned to me.

Then he shifts in his sleep facing me and I wonder would the dark be the third man closing our stares and being the gossiping matchmaker, but after a while I think I see his closed eyelids.

I want to go in that bed or even move the both of them, kiss him briefly or even not but just sleep besides him, him being something like a heated hoodie.

I end up sitting up on the bed, Daniel not moving, clearly he had stolen my sleep both literally and not as I flick the lights on. He doesn’t move.

His t-shirt is flung aside. I hope he didn’t catch any flu or anything.

I don’t touch him.

I just don’t have a third party to cover up my staring and his closed eyes start to irritate me.

I want him up.

I want Daniel for heaven’s sake.

My hands are now on his shoulders.

I want you up.

“W-what?” He mumbles, pushing my hands awake but I give him another shake, this time harder as his eyes seem blurry and under the daze of dreams, unknown to both of us most likely now forgotten by the stress of getting torn away.

“What?” He asks again, closing his eyes back after glancing around for a bit, making sure that everything fits how it were in his memory.

“I want beer.” I don’t even want beer, I want you, but it’s not the best thing to say is it? So he just doesn’t even open his eyes.

“Order it, Paul.” He yawns and I just slide the covers a bit down exposing his neck. Daniel opens his eyes and I just stare at his collarbone. My fingers touch his shoulder and he is just staring at me a bit pale, not moving, sleep gone forever.

I stroke his shoulder again and then Daniel sits up, looking at me.

I look down at his chest and my hands are back on my knees and I want to lean in

so badly

and kiss him

just once but for a longer while than I’ll ever imagine and maybe nap with him or just share the bed to let the thoughts wander off in a dream to forget and get some coffees in the morning.

“I can’t sleep.” I say, looking down, trying to scrap off the lust off my face and I just smile.

“You should’ve said so.” And Daniel orders two beers, maybe so we’d hold from touching each other knowing that someone might come in.

It feels like he can kiss me too.

We drink the beers and flick through a magazine together, discussing new movies, my chin on his shoulders and for a brief second I think he kissed my hair.


I'm trying to hold them:D They nearly kissed in this chapter, holding holding XD I have no idea why am I torturing them too XD

I hope you enjoyed it :D

<3 Humming Television Set4

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