Friday, 30 March 2012

What Difference Does It Make

I wake up with a bruised lip, blood managing to achieve my chin.

And there is a pain at the back of my head that if I touch it gently it aches as if I am getting head at the back of the head again and again a slower pain reaction comes after a second, as if splitting the pleasure of reminding me of a hit I cannot recall.

Did I sleep?

I don’t recall even getting to bed, maybe all I did was walk in and it felt like sleep already, when you have an all nighter you just getv the day on the night being another life already.

I just head over to the kitchen just silently, not switching the television and feeling my eye go purple as if there had also been a fight just know, maybe I was being flung across the carpet just know and in a second my arm will be broken.

By the time I have breakfast and eat my toast there is no blood anymore instead I have the blue patches of my body fighting against the pain.

I drink more cold water feeling the dizzyness of a hangover but there is no alcohol in my mind, so I just flick through the channels seeing Paul’s mobile luying on the floor and I pick it up just to see the wallpaper and I try finding Paul’s number in his mobile to call him but instead I stop, realizing how and where my thoughts go and just either break or wander off.

I feel like I am being watched and maybe my hangover and the bruises are being laughed upon by the ceiling, the walls would be a bit too usual, so I make more coffee to just stare at the ceiling back and I end up smiling recalling yesterday’s or today’s music.

I recall all three of us laughing, her hair pink and bleached on the top, showing messiness was gone and it had gone back to a good deep pink but I just didn’t say anything, Paul was the one who kept saying that it had looked good, as I just looked at his new shirt and wanted to say how I liked how skinny it were but instead I just kept drinking.

That made sense.

I just lulled my pain with a bit alcohol, but still seemed.

I could’ve also lulled the physical pain after that hit Paul had given me after all of a sudden I just didn’t hold and pulled him away for a cigarette, lighting his nearly close to his lips if I can’t get those lips, let the fire burn them, I might’ve gone too agressive and perhaps hit Paul without saying anything.

Maybe Alison hurled me from Paul.

Maybe I yelled something else and tripped on the pavement admiring the black hole night, which didn’t even think of sucking me in to the other side where I would just not live or just not do anything concrete, most likely I would have just not hit Paul and that would’ve been it.

Most likely.

And he threw the mobile on my floor so that nothing would ruining an evening.

Only it had been my floor and I had been the burnt cheese on marmalde toast.

That sounded odd, the toast.

I make more toast and flicked through channels, waiting for the now couple to pick the lost mobile device.

Alison picked it up eventually, smiling as she left.


Sorry for the delay I ended up sleeping half the way xD Here it is, sorry, I just had in mind doing a Paul/Alison/Daniel in a while. Yes, I love Alison so that's why I stick here nearly everywhere really xD sorry about that:3

I hope you enjoyed it and I realized I've been leaving places for sequels everywhere, so uh feel free? xD

Thank you and sorry for the wait <3

What Difference Does It Make2

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