Saturday, 24 March 2012

Used Lighter

She wraps herself with a worn out polka dot cloth I saw her buy yesterday, walking into the store, a bit wobbling, with a burnt out cigarette, not saying anything and paying with coins. I tried to smile at her and instead she just left the store.

I walk on, back trying to get to the bus stop on time and she sits there with a cigarette dangling unlit in her mouth, her lips smeared with a red substance and a sign lying at her feet.

A hobo for blood.

And she looks at me with drunken with sweet taste eyes.

I light her cigarette and she laughs inhaling, taking my hand.

I snatch out my hand, rubbing my neck and staring at her, how neat her clothes are today and how a few coins build a circle around her and how the clouds scattered above the sky, covering all evidence of sunlight and I don’t think crosses scare her, as a girl walks by with a massive cross, dangling on her neck.

I leave her, walking onto the bus stop.

In the morning there are three girls in the line to donate blood to the starving and a television set.

She sucks on the girl’s blood, her eyes rolled up in ecstasy as the TV presenter asks her name.

She sucks gently.

Her age.

“I’m forty three.” But she looks like she’s in her early twenties.

They ask how she was born and why this way.

“My mother got pregnant.” Implying that both were vampires and she says she has a home, a little flat with paper angles hanging around like Christmas decorations as her cigarette is lit by me again and the second girl gives her the blood, as she sucks just as gently, stopping when asked and leaning her head against the bars.

I look at the girl, how sweaty her hair is and she says that she was running on the bus to get here on time.

She said people threw beer bottles at her.

I crossed the road, just to sit on the grass, not to watch the new part of the city, but her, from a distance, the remaining of my lighter left for her to enjoy later, as the grass ringed my fingers as I dug it deeper, watching the harmless modern vampire.

I should go into my store, but I don’t, imaging the few scattered people and workers ranting, since I have the only key as the last two, all on blue strings were bought away for five quid by the new shop assistant and after a round of beers, which was the money to get the keys, I being in charge got left with the key.

I stare at her.

I want her to come in today.

I walk on my side of the road, silently, using the last light in my lighter to raise my thoughts as the city has a smoke cloud hanging over it, tinting the old streets in an old brown, as people scatter with the few tourists and some are drunk at the beginning of a dull friday.

No one says anything as I open the store and one customer grabs the hat they didn’t buy yesterday and three other men stay for ten minutes each browsing the leather jackets, as my hands play with the bracelets in the accessories box and I look up to see the wedding dresses, she should be single and I press my head against the desk, feeling the stripes of the other shop assistants lure my eyes as they take the money from the consumers and I see the vampire buy some ring and a sweater and put it on instantly and I raise my eyes.

“Hi.” I say to her after she pays.

The vampire smiles and leaves the store.

I don’t follow her until I have lunch break and I wander off into her street and I sit besides her, maybe being the second vampire, she leans in to kiss me and touch my lips, but the gazes are held.

“Donate?” She asks, looking at my lips.

She bites them slightly and I give out a gentle moan, as her teeth pierce my lips.

There is no kiss or tongue interaction just my eyes looking at hers and how she holds my hands in hers. And plasters a bandaid over my lips.

She strokes my cheeks.

“I want your blood.” The vampire says and tears off my bandaid and I pull a bit away, the blood trickling up to my chin. She pulls me towards her and then with eyes closed applies the bandaid again.

Her nails start digging into my cheeks as she presses a full kiss on my lips, sucking the blood, sometimes letting my tongue wander.

“Name?” She asks pulling me closer, chests pressed and knees locked as I let my hands wander down, giving pleasure for both.

“Jamie.” I say and she pulls me to my feet as she licks the blood every time it trickles down as we walk further on, into the store, which is closed for a break, she takes out the key from my neck and inserts it into the lock, exposing all the used cloth and wedding gowns like the heavens above with their vain white.

She pulls one down just to see my reaction and presses it against her body, the lace quite transparent and then takes off her shirt as she bites the lips harder as I feel the numb ache.

“I felt my teeth numb, when they grew. I’m Alison.” And she lets her hands underneath my shirt.

Alison pulls my lip, biting it from the inside as I feel my feet starting to wobble and she lays me on the wedding gown, taking crosses down from a skirt, ties the cross to my key, locks the door, uses the wedding gowns as curtains to shield my death, as my lips bleed harder and my hands are weak to touch her breasts.

“You should’ve donated fast.” And the vampires eyes are too red.

As the bites my neck harder, pulling my hand towards her and her kisses to me are now seen from above and she becomes a blur with the heavens, her wide red eyes open as she keeps sucking the light out of me, as my hands grab her waist once more and I try to kiss back as she strokes me between my legs, tracing my neck with her nails to lick more blood from inside me.

She puts the veil over my face.

A last pleasure as we kiss.


I had the idea of calling it Black Balloon, but the lighter was quite a symbolic image in this case for Jamie's life.

The idea came to me on the street where Alison sits, actually and the store was a store I was in today, a bit changed, just the idea of writing about a vintage store came to mind and I don't think I saw any polka dot cloth or rings there and mashing up the two ideas came to mind as I was struggling that I couldn't think of a good developed idea.

Yes, it wasn't a bus this time XD :3

I hope you enjoyed it and sorry for the light delay and thank you:3


Used Lighter2


  1. I actually like the idea of Alison being a vampire. Just a dumb question. Did Jamie die at the end or did Alison turn him into a vampire?

  2. I'll be honest, I like open endings where I don't know myself if Jamie is dead or not, maybe it is something like leaving a space for a sequel if I feel like it or is requested:3

    I still wonder what actually happened, feel free to request :)


  3. I would like this to continue, you write the best pieces I have read in quite awhile. I guess I'm starved for something good! :(

  4. :3 :3 :3 Will do:D

    The sequel will be up on next Friday, sorry about that :c :3

    Hope you'll enjoy it as well:3 and thank you!


  5. I hope you continue you on with this. Are you well?

  6. Aw, thank you:3 I'm slowly getting better :3 thank you:3

    Sorry I didn't put the link, but in case you didn't read it here's the second chapter :3

    And the 3rd chapter will be up on next Wednesday, sorry for the long wait I'm getting a lot of requests lately :3


  7. Oh, it's no problem I'm always willing to wait for your writing.

  8. Awwww :3 Thank you so so so much