Saturday, 3 March 2012

null hypothesis

We should be allowed to smoke in the tube instead of staring hungrily at strangers and wondering when was their last fag or was it rolled tobacco and which brand was it.

The lights don’t flicker and death doesn’t linger in, but it’s too empty just a few people scattered, some talking, one man eating a Cadbury bar with his left hand, his eyes fixed on the dark windows.

And there is the male laughter opposite from me, but not straight forward opposite, but a bit to the left, he listens to something and just laughs at something or maybe the effect of everything I’ve done is upon me.

I look at his feet and I wonder if I should sit besides him.

I don’t.

A few stations pass and he looks at me and smiles.


I've been apparently dragged into shorter fiction, way shorter fiction, vignettes lately as you can see.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and I hope it has the Steve Hewitt and Brian Molko feel around it XD

Thank you


Scrub off the foam

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