Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I didn't use the glow in the dark condoms because I was too embarrassed in front of my not yet dating girl

He ordered noodles with chicken for both, with his hands a bit trembling as he waved the delivery boy bye, just to ask him to get noodles without chicken.

And his were cold, but he ate them anyway and it felt as if we were young

and I nearly hit my eye, drawing the arrow, one of the few things I manage to do this morning as I brushed my hair, missing too many threads.

He always felt too young as if he were sixteen and I could be a character from any little tv show, thinking that the bad boy will go for me and he doesn’t, instead I go for the one which looks like a puppy.

Alex greeted me with a bit more confidence, a wider grin and let me in, lighting a cigarette nearly instantly and complimented on my hair, his fingers still trembled a bit and his head was held a bit higher, jeans new and tight, boots scattered on the corridor and this time we were supposed to go out for chinese and we both stared a bit.

I leaned and took his cigarette and he just sighted into my mouth, his tongue inside and with my own.

And there’s the age, the not so big gap and he just grabs hold of my shoulders, digging in and I am not too scared until we both pulled back.

Was there a reservation after all?

The first time when I had been to lost and my fringe revealing my eyes and I started feeling old and maybe something instead of cats, like dogs would start crawling on my walls, we just sat there on the couch, watching a movie.

Alex kept watching me instead, playing with my hair and I would shiver.

He kissed my cheek.

I looked at him.

He kept trying my noodles at the restaurant yesterday, but I felt that it was just a cheap way to getting my saliva and he sensed it, closing up a bit, but holding my hand as he asked a few brief questions about the tour and Jamie. We smoked twice, last one was shared because we had ran out, but his hand was still shielding mine from my thoughts.

We came back and he kissed me again in the corridor, his mouth more eager and hands weren’t trembling as much as they did the first time.

The first time after he kept kissing me, I just fell on his lap and we just stared at each other before bursting out laughing at the tension and he leaned down and kissed me.

He kept biting my neck, his eyes closed and every time they opened he would stop to quickly glance at me and stop, wondering what should the next step be. Alex took off my shirt and bra and his own shirt.

“Fuck.” As one hand was playing with my zipper and another was between the couch cushions and three more fucks were pronounced as he slid his hand deeper. “I lost the condoms.”

We weren’t naked, but he said he had them in the couch, later on, smoking nervously and to shy to just drive somewhere for them and later as he told me the glow in the dark ones were a gag and he wasn’t sure if he should’ve even went near them.

It wasn’t the couch yesterday, it had been the bed.

“I have the condoms.” I smirked a bit, but smiled, getting nervous about actually having sex with another man, even if I’ve dated, Jamie would flirt with the thoughts during intercourse. He didn’t this time, he just left, most likely to jerk off in Kate’s face and more condoms were bought by Alex in the morning when I was sleeping.

I slept with my head on his chest, Alex’s head tilted towards my own and we both woke with a sleepy kiss and some mumbles about moving in.

Alex makes breakfast downstairs, he nearly burns the bacon and misses some programme, maybe Rastamouse but I don’t ask him, instead we both smile and eat and eventually I take a chair near him.


I don't know why I sort of develop some humor or lightness in the Alex Tuner stories, I guess I love him too much and exactly that much I dislike his music so I believe that's where it comes from. Just being honest.

I hope you enjoyed it:)

Also from Friday I'm starting as requested a violent multi-chaptered Alison and Jamie, not Untiltled 5Silence Seems To Feed Us, which is run on a pure request basis, as it covers their entire career, well is going to.

So all current requests will be put on hold, most likely, as I don't know yet how many chapters will it contain and how long will it be, most likely about Axe For Cork Extraction length:)

Thank you :)

<3 It ain't such a thrill


  1. you're an amazing writer, no shit.
    you should publish ♥

    1. awww thank you:D Uh, maybe I will, currently fiddling over a novel so yeah:D hopefully, hopefully or will poke around those I've written, will see, will see XD

  2. i like the alex turner ones the best though, do more! more :)

  3. :D awww thank you:D :D

    will do, I love anything which has Alex really, he's one of my favourite to write about:D

    Uh which one do you want?:D :D I'll have Stale Smoke In A Running Circle in the list, feel free to request others (it's the purest ongoing on with Alex/Alison I've got so far:D )

    thank you:D


  4. i've read them all including light upon the dance floor and the broken black nail varnish, i like the broken black varnish one though, it's my favourite so far, so a continuation of that will be good :) i get a bit confused though so i just read all the ones under Alex turner on the fanfic page

  5. :D yeah it's really great and Jack is being annoying to Alex xD aww, Alex :3

    I'll have two chapters up on the list:D Basically there is a link at the bottom of each chapter:) and there is a list on the right side of the page which says what will soon be uploaded so yeah:D

    Sorry about the very very messy design, I thought I'd have time to do it, but apparently I don't @_@ I'll try to fix up EVERYTHING once I have a full free day and won't be exhasuedt xD

    thank you very much:3


  6. thank you, you're so cool!