Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Year Accurate

Even once a year a gun shoots.

And I look at the double barrel which I always stare at, I can buy it, but it won’t have the engraving and no smell of powder at all. I don’t think Jack has ever been used, but he occasionally says he sees bullets there.

Alison walks in.

And I dig myself deeper into the couch.

“Can I look?”

And she takes little Jack, his gun, my possession, his possession.

Alison throws an arm around me, cuddling me closer as the gun is now hers with the grass and the roses intertwining on it and she smiles. I play with her hair a bit.

“If it were a camera, do you think it would take a shot of us?” And her black fringe hints of a death final.

I take the gun from her fingers and press it against her temple, leaning in and then laughing.

Then she takes the gun and her eyes are too close for me to see the green.

I take the gun.

She takes the gun.

I shove it deeper.

I don’t remember who has the gun with all the movement on the mouths.

And the fingers let the trigger slip.

It’s quickly running to the cue for passion which is accurate.

And I get a shot accurate.


Thank you and the request was Jamie to get a shot, defending Alison. I hope it had enough sweetness, as requested:)

Feel free to request:)

<3 I didn't use the glow in the dark condoms because I was too embarrassed in front of my not yet dating girl

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