Monday, 19 March 2012

Hell Hates You

It was far too chilly for the morning and my t-shirt seemed far too thick for it to let the cold soak my body as I shivered, watching Nicky pass the ball all over the grass field.

I was watching him even if we agreed on playing together and I lit a cigarette, my feet giving up and I kept watching him, with a lit cigarette, knowing that some wild sheep might attack us and eat the ball leaving Nicky to cry and me buying him some particular chocolate.

And the sky started to burn the sun at least in my head as Nicky sat besides me and the amount of years was stupid to count, point was

the grass was wet

like Nicky’s lips after he licked them and I just watched him.

A moment can go on forever if don’t trim it in the right place with the right edges, so I leaned my head against his shoulder, I don’t remember what Camus book we talked about or the exact colour of the stripes on his shirt but I recall his hair being a bit greasy and no makeup and a spot behind my ear and how young we felt and how death seemed something distant over the river over the gate and hidden.

I breathed out the smoke to smile and kiss.


The kiss in the ending was really, because well, everyone myself included wants them to kiss:3 there xD

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it:3

<3 Null

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