Monday, 26 March 2012


“She wasn’t that much of a pretty woman, was she?” And I light a cigarette, as Jamie’s head is in my lap.

“Fuck no.” As he looks at me the eyes covered by shades and licks his ice cream, the park covered in bonfire smoke. Jamie’s smoke matches the rest of the bonfire smoke after a while as he watches it and takes out a gun to press it against my forehead, I grab his hand, pulling the gun down, but he keeps it straight on my forehead.

He fires, the gun pulled a bit away, the serious face still held and bubbles come out of it. And then he laughs and I pull his cigarette away from him, as he hands out some candy in a paper bag and I take a few, shielding my eyes from the sun.

“I need glasses.” I say, sitting up and then going back to the grass, as Jamie stands up and kicks my feet slightly, the gun and the hand behind his ear as he keeps letting bubbles out of it in order not to scare people but people seem to hug from the smoke to notice and he gives me his sunglasses for now, what I think is a brief moment but we walk past a few blocks, not saying a word, before he turns around and kisses me, tongue in and I grin at the sudden kiss, haven’t been getting a lot these days and then he gets the shades back, telling me about this nice store he’d seen in town, so we walk there, buying some cold coffee and sharing it with a few coins we had from somewhere, not using the stolen credit cards on something as simple.

We walk in a few stores, I pretend not to like the shades and in a close we sit against the wall for a bit, smoking, pulling on Bonnie and Clyde masks, kissing each other with the masks and going north towards the store or rather one simple turn and Jamie has two guns now, on the bubble gun one, one real as he scares the assistants with the bubble one as I take some free candy and choose a few shades in the end I get three, one pair being too big.

Jamie empties the till and takes a ladies’ purse.

We head out or rather run out, back into the close, behind a door, standing close.

I hear him and the sirens.

And I wonder which ice cream will we buy with the stolen coins.

Jamie ruffles my hair, as I feel the smell of old food in the trash bins, so I nudge him for us to leave this place, in new clothing, my hair up and make up on both, just a bit and walk out.

I follow him, watching his back, letting him go a bit ahead, maybe to observe the women he likes.

I might be younger, but shouldn’t men go for younger women?

I scrub off his face paint as I come near him and he just looks at me silently as the festival’s long gone, months gone and we look like we just came out of it, my new shades the hem of my shirt and I fiddle, nervously, looking up and then down as he hugs me, gets rid of the ladies’ bag in another close, as we both sit, thinking if we should go on a tour with the coins or use the cards, faking signatures at lunch.

And choosing the right place with strawberries squeezed out with bananas and writing complaints on napkins is what we do with today, being no exception, Jamie whispering it, chucking to himself, a grown man and I feel older than him today even with the wrinkles drawn on both of our faces, which we tend to do, sometimes, saying that we will grow old together and eventually get married-

“Let’s get rings and marry.” I tell him, as he keeps writing.

“Let’s keep us low.” He tells me, no longer chuckling or smiling.

I lower my head to see his eyes, but he keeps writing, even plain letters now, not saying anything to me or the waitress who asks if he wants another beer or if I want another milkshake, in the end we both shake our heads.

“Let’s marry.” I say again. “She got killed-”

“That’s why I won’t marry.” He says and raises his eyes, playing with a random ring, apparently he got today on his finger.

“Yet you still married her.” I say, a bit coldly, taking his beer bottle and trying to get something out of the empty space, but I don’t even get foam.

“I needed a shag.” He says and we start leaving the small cafe with the coins being our payment and Jamie yanks the cigarette box out of my bag as I watch him fail to light teh cigarette a few times up to the point that I do it for him, near his lips, considering of feeding the red mouth to the fire and he leans back just in case and inhales, too deep, that he gives out a light cough, running a hand through his hair.

“We shagged.” He flinches.

“Even on your honeymoon, you needed that guitar and you fucking pulled me into a closet, not caring about anything.” I hiss slightly, taking away his cigarette and he just stares into the ground, maybe counting all the times we shagged or all the times he declined or maybe all the times we robbed stores.

He sighs.

“We need to keep a low profile.” Jamie looks down.

“You promised.” I say.

“I did.” Jamie replies, taking off the ring which was on his pinkie.

“And?” I say to which he gives me the ring.

“Low profile.”


It was supposed to end halfway, but then I decided that I guess I want to go back to my longer stories, to have a little read, like a short story everywhere, really, so I hope you really enjoyed it and the idea was in my mind since it were the weekend, I just walked around town until I stopped at a close and I had the idea of using it later on.

I hope you enjoyed it and apparently it's the second time I've killed Kate Moss :c

<3 Close 2