Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Humming Television Set

It’s back to two in the room with a record in the middle and a few strums hanging in the air as if they would be the ones who cut the throats and this decision.

It’s too tense and the tension to grab the CD and just hurl it and break my glasses in two and just show them in front of Daniel as I strums a bit more, hitting on one note all the time and for a second what if we’ll just get one note the two of us or should you find someone else to complete.

He raises his eyes with a smile.

I get in a second note and I shift back and forth, the evening stuck around like some plastic bag around with no Carlos to also even sit and share this solid melancholy even if he would be the culprit.

It’s not like he would kiss us both on the mouth and tongues would end up entangled but instead it’s the television in the background and no meat for Daniel as he would ignore the chicken I ordered and none would suggest food to the other, the notes still in the air and somewhere in the middle maybe the feet would tangle, the chopsticks still in hands, the boxes sprayed on the table among the notes and a few white unused old sticky notes, his jacket on the floor as I would hallucinate and see his scarf.

I wouldn’t hallucinate how his glance would fall too long on my cheek, as I would flick the channels with my fingers a bit greasy and how some movie would finnish and the credits would roll and pure curiosity of the beginning after the end would start and I would drop the remote.

I would glance, fuck, he would glance and we would just finnish eating the last bit of food left, legs just as tangled and maybe an arm around a shoulder, but giving an allowance for someone to pace around the room, searching for tea or coffee, so that the legs wouldn’t tangle again, just for pure safety, unknown to both, reasons and taboos.


This is my first time writing Interpol and I'll be very honest, when I got this request all I knew were a few songs and that's it. I'm sorry if I got them wrong as usually I write about bands, people I've read before, love and can give out random small facts.

But that doesn't mean I'll decline something I don't know, instead I'll just give myself a certain amount of time and try to get the pairing or person, sorry, if it ended up bad or out of character and I hope you'll enjoy it and thank you for the support and requests

Thank you


Humming Television Set2


  1. With the fast pacing technology, maybe new types of TV will come such as hologram based Television.

  2. wow this is actually super interesting... you're the first person i can think of who has written interpol fanfic. kudos.

  3. Awww, thank you:D I've actually got a few Interpol stories:3 feel free to check them out or ask me for specific links and feel free to request of course!