Friday, 9 March 2012

Untitled 5Silence Seems To Feed Us 6

We started the year with kissing, but in the end nothing happened, months went and she started joining me more frequent singing and her hair was about to reach her shoulders.

We stopped touching each other.

Once I even fell asleep on the couch and in the morning Alison would be scattered on the bed.

We could kiss each other, but what would the point in that be when it was so easy to do and perform, which is what we’ve been doing briefly. We started touching ourselves separately, sometimes I would stand and wait until she would be done with her silence and her cheeks would be flashed.

By the middle of the year I had made out with the girl with weed and I spend a few days in her studio, Alison asking nothing and cooking for herself, despite that she grabbed the first apartment near my home.

We stopped talking for a day, both of watching television, most likely chain smoking and she came back, telling she loved me. Alison walked in and sat on my bed, lyrics in her mind and tongue. I could take them out with a thrust, but instead I took the guitar and soon enough we had sex through music and I would start dating that girl, briefly, but I never was cheating on Alison, point was, we never really started and those shags we had could’ve been something else in our mind, it would have been a kiss which developed into a carousel, point is, you buy tickets for the carousel, always thinking you are on the same horse.


And then another phase of The Kills begins.

It is a bit short, but it will be the conclusion and I'd like to say, that tomorrow's request is a gore Alison and Jamie multi chapter, something similar to Axe For Cork Extraction. Really looking forward to it, as I have a plot and yes, it was on the bus as well and as usual, but more details on the story and everything will be tomorrow, all I say is that I am looking forward to it.

I am really looking forward.

About Untitled 5Silence Seems To Feed Us, it's not over, just that what I guess I never really said much was that it was going to cover the entire Kills career up to date and everything behind it. Every chapter is written after a request for it as I'd prefer writing it in parts:)

Basically starting from tomorrow it will become something like with Axe For Cork Extraction, each day will have it's own chapter and how long will it be? I don't know yet, so I'm not sure about the requests, I'll be honest, feel free to request but when will they be posted I honestly have no idea, at least at this point, basically keep checking the behind the scenes.

I really hope it will be enjoyable and that you'll like it and thank you very much everyone for the support and requests (and hate mail or rather reactions, the funnies I've seen had been encouraging everyone to get pitchforks and go after me xD). My stories are controversial, gore filled, have death and sex in them.

I'm the one who is thankful for a request and knowing that my writing might just be loved :)

Thank you and looking forward to tomorrow!



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