Sunday, 18 March 2012

Last Day Of Magic

I dye my nails.

And it dries.

Like a bus stop.

When you’re just sitting there and I spit out water on myself onstage before leaving, thinking of all the people I don’t know and I quickly smile at Jamie before he leaves me with people to scatter and in the end it’s me chain smoking on a sofa, flicking through some left over magazine with a few ripped pages.

Maybe he would be a person I’d meet on a bus stop, just to fall in love for a few seconds, nothing really works even his strumming in all the other rooms, it feels like it and I tap my fingers, breathing in harder and music always attracts me in a man, how he communicates with me and it’s always the way that I cannot touch, but I have to listen more and more and it’s as if penetration is a sin and the notes which go inside me aren’t to make me feel this pleasure.

I sit thinking of how Jamie took photos yesterday, his lips a bit tight and Joshua just suggested going off somewhere and how before the drinks he would talk about bands and I’d agree to give him some vinyls as he’d light my cigarette, looking persistent to my lips and those fangs, as if he could bite in my neck and I wondered how would it feel and I leaned in a bit and he just leaned back.

Jamie was written all over my face, distracting all, as if I had been raped by Hince and no one wanted to link themselves to a raped woman.

But then he’d lean in and we kissed briefly and maybe I nudged my neck a bit so that he would bite it, in the end of the evening he held my face with one hand and I grinned.


I'll be honest, I have a horrific on and off relation with The Horrors, I just can't get into them, but I've checked and tried them, but I think I like Faris' drawings more than their music.

Last Day Of Magic popped in my head, really. Being too honest.

Thank you very much for the request and I hope you enjoyed it :)


Lesbian Vacuum

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