Sunday, 4 March 2012

Scrub off the foam

After a few fags in the night and about two in the morning in a row, this light nervousness, just flooding my body as I kept checking my mobile, seeing if Lila is awake, a coffee and another fag, three times checking the make up and fixing the lashes, he was up.

A brief kiss, a long kiss.

He doesn’t push it too far and sometimes after I drink too much, I just mumble a bit and drink more, sometimes he holds my glass and he becomes my drink. Like that time we were on my bed and his hands just slip up, as I just got rid of his jeans, my legs around his waist and a few thrusts.

Then after we both came, he hesitated and I did.

I kissed him and I took the remote.

He looked at me, stroked my hair and we both watched Jersey Shore, I clung onto him and

I opened to bathroom and he sat there, an undershirt and underwear, shaving, smiled.

I ran a finger down his spine and he stopped, washed off the foam and just clung on to me and we just stood there, him wobbling us together.


It's just there, really

<3 Make Me Mad All Over

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