Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Humming Television Set2

When you ride in the morning you have a more sort of dreamlike stance and the plain sign that says your destination is enough sometimes.

Daniel ends up trying to daze off, saying numerous times that he will, trying on the windowsill, but in the end he gives up and tries my shoulder, making himself comfortable, his stubble being quite soft and even if it weren’t I wouldn’t mind that much. I expect the bus to go by that road with the music stores and past the embassies, but it doesn’t. I watch it turn and stop near a hotel, slowly counting to ten before nudging Daniel to wake up, he doesn’t, so I shake him a bit.

“Daniel!” He mumbles something.

“Daniel!” He mumbles something even quieter and just keeps on stroking my neck with his stubble. I tap him on his shoulder and the idea of dragging us both out from the bus occurs until we make a turn and we don’t get to see all the fancy streets, instead we are a bust stop away from our destination.

Daniel ends up waking up on his own or rather by the sudden stop due to the street lights, his head jerking straight before his eyes are right in front of mine, asking me what is what before he blinks and gains consciousness.

The thought of kissing Daniel Kessler had indeed occurred before and the moment with what maybe if pulled exactly at a needed point would have had me getting away with it with kiss number one ticked in my head, just leaving a perhaps telling the band member behind.

Instead he blinks, the thing he mumbled is now louder, but I still don’t hear it, wondering if the bus would do another turn.


I decided that I want it to be a set of really short stories, vignettes which are in a linear line and yeah:3 about Paul and Daniel:D

I hope you enjoyed it and you like the chosen format, feel free to request further chapters, one request is one chapter, I guess xD since I want this to be longer than usual, quite enjoyable :3 and I like their tension :3 One chapter request at a time:3

Actually the thing happened to me today, I've been basing my stories on the city I live in lately, dunno, if it's too noticeable xD or annoying XD sorry if it is. I took the wrong bus, I like longer rides and it just trimmed the route in a weird way, making me quite sad and a bit nervous because the turn seemed to be far away from my location, which ended being one block from the short route -.-

Thank you:3

<3 Humming Television Set3

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