Friday, 16 March 2012

Schizomilk 7

I don’t see Jack for a few days straight.

Neither does Jamie see Jack, but he says he left a note, but we didn’t open it, as if it would be a note on his death or something so instead we sat in the kitchen and drank more coffee.

More and more after every mug, and Jamie kept pacing around the room until he eventually shot himself.

It was a plain taking out a few drawers, fiddling through them and then taking the metal thing out and pressing it against his head, like many who he knew in his head did.

And before he had cereal with yoghurt, looking up and doing a bit of toast and quickly looking at me.

Jamie never offered me the gun, Jack did, as he came when Jamie was supposed to be taken away but I hid him with me and slept, both of us not touching each other just like the deceased had wished, Jack appreciated it but gave me the gun anyway, saying that I may and that he would watch how my body would fall on his, but I never shot myself I had most likely died of not waking up one morning, maybe due to starvation as with no Jamie I would just sit in the room, until I felt my body just fall and the arms spread out just like Jamie’s and I started crying, sobbing, my hair falling out of my fingers as the foggy substance remained and I didn’t turn my head to see Jamie, instead I just pressed myself harder against the wall.

Jack didn’t have an alibi.

Neither did me or Jamie.

But the court found some alibis, as our copses were injected with adrenaline, in my mind the jolt felt like it, maybe you can tell by a corpse if it can lie or not, maybe it cannot.

Point is we both were there with Jack without an alibi and the whispers spread that what if he killed Kate Moss.

I was with Jamie in a pub in the end of a small town, drinking coffee and bragging about his wife, as Jack shot Kate, after a long argument, saying that she was standing in the way of two morons, maybe he knew that I would die of starvation, while Jamie would shoot himself and


And that's the end of Schizomilk.

Before anything, I know that Jamie is vegan, but he is eating yoghurt for a reason.

I hope you enjoyed this story and the ending with Jack was thought of me perhaps a day or so ago and today I was itching with making Jamie kill himself. The initial ending was both of them locked in the room and starvation would be the death cause, not just in Alison's. Also I wanted a more sexual relation with Jack as well.

The whole idea came to me while listening to Lady Gaga's Scheiße, the very beginning where she mumbles in german for whatever reason the whole idea came to me and started out with Alison with schizophrenia and a gun and going insane after murdering Kate and Jamie locking them both up and how they slowly starve and go insane, well, this is what it ended up with:)


Thank you so much

<3 Last Day Of Magic


  1. This is so amazing and creepy at the same time! I love it!

  2. Thank you so so so much:3

    It's was amazing and fun to write :D


  3. Will you be writing any new pieces soon?

  4. I write a new short story every day by request.

    Did you read the Alison and Jamie in a Bonnie and Clyde theme? Or the vampire Alison as well?

    Depends who you want and I'll tell you if I have any requests of them in the next few days and also feel free to request as well! Although I've been getting a lot of requests lately, so might be some wait, sorry about that:3