Sunday, 25 March 2012

Untitled 5Silence Seems To Feed Us 7

She baked me pancakes and had a few frozen or rather straight warmed up strawberries and sat opposite me with her newly bleached hair and I ate the strawberries alone.

She said she hat eaten before, smoking a cigarette, striking a match before it, her lighter out and after some crawling on the floor we found a box of matches yesterday and kissed again.

I understood her point, it had been reasonable that after a few months of dating I stayed over at hers, among the acrylic and oil paint scattered and even her bras in the specific colouring and smell as I made love to her.

Love was too vague of a word as we kissed and made love again.

I didn’t come until the afternoon, Alison attempting to knock and standing on my doorstep, hood pulled up and nails were dyed black this time, a bit neat, but still she had her ring finger smudged as we drank tea in silence, Alison not bothering to ask where I had been and I didn’t bother, wanting a drink early in the afternoon, to which we had no money, but my girlfriend had, so I could just shift to hers, but instead I stayed, not saying anything to a jealous and a bit teary eyed Alison.

“We could go out.” Alison said as the guitar seemed too distant and my girlfriend’s suggestion stroke a brief topic of me telling Alison that I had found a studio and we both smiled.

I stroked her hand and she leaned to kiss me.

She sat on my lap and stared at me from above.

I took a sip of tea.

Alison jumped straight off, leaving the kitchen and using the television as an escape.

There was a prom on television.

A fucking school prom, I just remember being drunk on mine, inviting some girl but after a day deciding that it should be better if I’ll recall it as doing it to get drunk, the booze was cheap and filling so I remember someone passing two joints of different content and I got a few drag from one and a mixture of the cheap drinks, causing me to not see the prom and feel the floor and sometimes people would lift me up to see if I were alive or not and then dumping me back on the floor.

“Did you ever have a prom?” I ask her, knowing that she dropped out, but the question came out anyway and Alison just shook her head, sighting a bit.

I’ve seen her watching different movies, a few years old as I had been dragged out once by a girl but the content still seemed the same. I sat besides her.

“Yeah, I guess, I want one.” Alison said, leaning her head against the sofa.

“Anyone to invite you?” I asked, pressing myself deeper into the one of the two old pillows.

I remember my age and I remember hers and then I run a hand through my hair. My prom was long ago, while hers was avoided not so long ago.

“No. Maybe. Someone from the band.” And her shoulders try to cover her body and I don’t move, getting myself into the kitchen and just pouring water, seeing her hug me from behind in my head but I don’t know what love is anymore as I have no feelings for either and I gulp the water down, thinking of tomorrow how the bleached girl will throw paint on the canvas and how I will feel as if every time it will be my face when we’ll break up for no reason whatsoever and I will come back in paint and Alison will just give me soap and we’ll use the art studio tomorrow.

I tell that Alison, everything, besides the break up, she writes good sad lines.

So in the morning we depart, sitting opposite of each other in the train and I make faces at her, as she reads the free newspaper showing me articles of raped women, men and children and cute photos of polar bears. I tear out a photo of a polar bear looking into the camera, lick the back of it and stick it onto Alison’s forehead.

Maybe it’s a brotherly bond, I think, watching the stations become short advertisements with the sharp dressed people as they shift into more poor looking regions and the polar bear has to be licked from the other side again and I take the hair out of her eyes.

She thinks it to be a love gesture.

We take over the studio and I get paint thrown at my face at the end of the day for Alison being a girl and not lesbian.


I think Jamie might be a bit harsh, but I think he had a fallout, well I think through out their entire - ok, I'll stop, because then I'll be spilling my point of view and the story further on, won't I? XD :3

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and thank you



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