Sunday, 8 April 2012

Used Lighter2

She waits for a bit.

She checks her wrist, licks it and glances at me.

My lips ache too much when I wake and she goes with her fingers threading my hair deeper into the store.

I moan but she goes deeper into the dresses and leather jackets and the tutus and all those old halloween costumes, she comes back with a lighter she found in a jacket which is now on the floor, lighting a cigarette from my left pocket.

Alison takes me into her lap as I can barely move, the pain spreading and she just smokes, looking upwards.

By the time I wake again I see the shop still closed, a few people scattered trying to understand the vampire girl strolling around with scissors in hand, cutting some fabric and stitching a lot of stuff together as the owner lies in pain.

I manage to raise my head in the next few days and she just slams it back in on the floor and I hiss, biting her fingers.

Then she takes my chin as it shakes and opens the door with all the people in fake frames and short pants.

We sit on the sidewalk as the store is opening with a DONATE BLOOD TO A NEW VAMPIRE with the name of the city misspelled by the vampire.

In the end some blond girl gives me her wrist and I start sucking as I wonder how does the society react to a second vampire and I shiver as Alison snatches the wrist away from me and all I feel in my mouth is salt really.

Alison asks me where I live as I manage to walk slowly and she takes my arm around her.

“I live nearer.” She doesn’t, it’s a block further from mine but she opens the big wooden door with pigeon killers above it with a few feathers scattered on the floor.

I hug her from behind, collapsing into the dark as she closes the door behind her and we are left to sleep in a place with no windows.

We wake up and I see peach yoghurt in from of me.

“It’s a treat.” She smiles weakly and goes a bed, the bed covers wrapping themselves around the girl, she then remembers and takes the clothing off, glancing at me and smiling, moving to a side.

“I don’t like the monument in front of your house.” Alison says with a light struggle, kissing the back of my neck as we take off my shirt and my chest appears to be slashed as she runs her nails over it. I simply assume that it might be some weird side effect.

“I didn’t put much venom in you, that’s the thing.” She explains the slashed chest and licks a wound as it stings and I take her hear, threading it just like she did and Alison licks lower.

She undoes a button, licking right above my cock and then she takes them both at the same time, taking it in her mouth and sucking until I thrust in her mouth and I come.

“Vampires don’t really have sex.” She says.

“Why is that?” I reply.

“Scattered.” She smirks and leans against the wall as I go down on her and she flips me over until she is sitting on me and I run my hands up her theighs, maybe returning the favor and she comes as well.

I keep sucking her, licking her for quite a while until she comes quite a few times until I’m fully erect again, but we don’t do anything about it, she just turns herself against a side, I couldn’t see the wall, just the dim lighted bed most likely by my own vision and I pulled her closer to me.

“I don’t like the monument in front of your house.” She mumbles again as she drifts off to sleep.

We wake up and we eat yoghurt again, maybe dairy is the new milk as we sit on the floor this time a pink, red and yellow rug which seems like it could’ve been in my store, maybe sneaked off as the other shop assistants complained how dusty it were.

I wonder of she ever went behind the clothing and slept there, using boots as a weird pillow, as she likes rougher beds and pillow but big soft covers and maybe my arms.

We smoke a cigarette and she doesn’t say anything, finishing the yoghurt.

Alison places a hand on my cheek and frowns a bit, before going back to bed, her back turned but the bed seems more narrow and I sleep on the floor. She tells me to go back to the bed eventually and I collapse looking at the ceiling which now has fake stars which glow and I ask her where do they come from and she says she bought them in London while I slept saying that my sleep is longer than hers that she can travel with my wallet open.

I don’t say anything instead I invite her to mines and she agrees, as we both see the bars on one of my windows and the monument with the scattered leaves.

Alison sits on it, lightening a cigarette, looking at the sun like the instructions say, light goes in her face as she becomes more pale and then she turns towards the shadows she must avoid and I hug her.

She doesn’t like the monument in front of my house and hisses as we go in my home, opens the window to take off the bars and destroys the thing in the morning as I have a dream in the night that she disappears in the light.

Alison starts the morning with a hammer and acid to get rid of the thing which haunts her, the monument and she takes a smoke on it’s place, fading lightly until I briefly kiss her ear, she hates the place anyway and we crawl back into her home, making it twice.


The monument is actually quite freaky, should find out more about it and after a stroll trying to get inspired I found what I thought could be their homes and I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request a sequel and thank you.


Used Lighter3

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