Monday, 23 April 2012

Close 2

We get the same hotel room after I insist on it a lot and we just don’t go home to our apartment, as we haven’t been there for months, Jamie’s idea to take the bride across the country and teaching her how to shoot had been useless and in the end she got shot.

We travelled a bit more, Jamie just using his nights by smoking and playing some guitar he had said was rare and after fiddling he recalled how he played in his teenage years, as I sat opposite him and he smiled lightly.

I had managed to kiss him then and he pulled me onto his lap, hungerly, rubbing my cheeks, stealing all the kisses before the death of Kate comes onto his thoughts and then he pulls away just to strum again.

He pushes the bed further and pulls the covers over himself.

I wait for him to fall asleep and go outside and open the locks of a small souvenir store, watching all the dragons smile at me and the patterns and alcohol. I open a bottle, try a sip and choke, hearing a noise. I fix my hair and take something from the till.

Small stuff is easily unnoticed no one cares, so I walk out even through the front door, chewing on some cookies I had opened in the store.

Jamie wasn’t asleep instead he sat up, seeing me.

He waited for me to sit besides him and the silence slapped both our faces and I looked at Jamie.

He grabbed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth, taking off my jeans and under my shirt, most likely trying to find blonde hair so I straddled him and pushed his head back, undoing his belt and gasping at Jamie inside me.

My arms started shaking with every thrust and how he lowered my chin to catch my tongue in the air, his hands on my breasts and I scream with every thrust, scared, thinking what would Kate do and what he likes and

“I love you, -” And Kate is heard and it’s all over my own pleasure so I look at the collapsing man and steal his cigarettes and take alcohol from the mini bar just to put everything in front of me in a line and I try to knock down the bottle so that they would shatter.

I shatter one and Jamie just breaths.

The next morning he says nothing, our breakfast to come.

I don’t say anything, I just want to go home and Jamie stares inside as I steal some money and the shops have what they need besides money which I’m taking, a customer which won’t go in, so I don’t.


Sorry for the delay and a bit of a short chapter and I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request :3


Close 3

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