Friday, 20 April 2012

I Can't Wait

I chew harder on the candy so that it breaks into two shallow seeming to me pieces and they try to get my tongue and slice it so that my blood would become candy itself.

The tie is loosen on the way to school easily, a few more treats in the pocket taken from home as all seemed too scattered in the bowl from a recent birthday and three seemed enough.

One for the way, one through some lesson, staring at the board trying to understand a language or numbers and a third on the way back home if there was no one else.

Some houses were about to be demolished and their windows were broken to the extent that something metallic was there instead giving it an iron coffin feel and often I wonder if there is someone dead lurking there.

When I was a kid some boy trying to get the metal thing out and then everyone ended up sitting on the grass, discussing female breasts as if we’ve gotten a chance.

It’s that weird realization when you think, fuck, I’m seventeen and then you realize how dreadful everything was until you get a guitar and you can actually play even if some older sibilling pulls your head to stop as you’re still on your first song.

I chew on the remaining pieces of candy, wondering how long would it take to get the remainings of the song and stop mixing the cords a bit and just luying in bed, staring at the ceiling and hearing voices all over the flat all having the same mood or rather trying to show the same mood, as if all were connected and I was just on the other side of the peephole with my candy and chewing it harder until a woman quite older, not that older than me lit a cigarette and gave it for me.

“Hey.” I say and I exhale, saying that I’ve got candy and Alison laughs.

“Hey.” Is her reply and we sit for a bit in front of the building and I wonder how many people will drag themselves to the lesson.

I’m quite bored on Alison’s lessons, I stare at her though, by bored I mean on he subject but not when she talks, as I don’t really like scribbling and Alison saw me fail in guitar.

I give her my candy.

“Thanks.” We don’t kiss, making the teacher and student smoking as more students stroll by and now we have separate cigarettes and the drama teacher walks by giving us a brief glance as Alison just stares at his hand.

I should’ve taken more candy, but instead I lull on my cigarette, taking her hand behind my back and stroking until we don’t have more time left and we drift into the same class, Alison tying her hair in the process, finding another student to talk to about cubism.


It's called that because it's a good song xD

I hope you enjoyed it and I was intending to expand it really, since Meg didn't fit in this chapter :O oh, spoilers XD

I hope you enjoyed it :3


I Can't Wait2


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