Monday, 16 April 2012

Chain Smoking

If you do sexual favors for someone in a dream supposely you make them forgiven.

I saw my sister wander off with someone yesterday and I had smoked her cigarettes wandering around her room, doddling my thoughts until I collapsed on her bed.

I inhale longer and she walks in.

She’s not a virgin and she told me that yesterday and I wondered how wide would she feel and be.

“Hello, Rachel.” I breathe out and she comments on my state but instead she drops on her knees and take my cock in her mouth.

I nudge her head to a comfortable position and inhale stronger and stronger that I’m dizzy and I fill her mouth.

I bite her forehead as I lean lower and then her neck as she doesn’t do anything.

Maybe I am forgiven in real life as well.

“Let’s see how wide you are.” And I light another cigarette.

She spreads out her legs as I touch the fluids and I take out the cigarette from my mouth and place it between her vaginal lips, the burning tip becoming like a birthday candle which I can blow out.

Rachel is stretched enough.

Maybe I am her dream.

I won’t be the one causing her pain so I stick the cigarette lower, the burning tip nearly inside her and I take it out.

I grab her knees and cletching my fitsts I start fucking her, because God’s sake I’m not making love, I’m fucking and she’s gasping like a slut and a whore.

Harder and harder I thrust, lighting a cigarette whenever I can and when I come I take out cock and hurl it into her mouth, snapping at her to swallow and I look at her swollen body as she collapses on the floor.

I just give her a cigarette.


I hope you enjoyed it:3

<3 Glitter Clatter


  1. This is so wrong but so right at the same time.

  2. This is fucked up. Great writing, but fucked up. Imagine if Rachel saw this? Seriously, it's not right dude.

  3. I got that requested back in 2012 when I wouldn't refuse requests:)

    it is fucked up, I was thinking of it a while back.

    Cheers, tho. :)