Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pulse Home

When you fall asleep on the train you think of the streets rather than the train and the people and the faces and all the imagery outside leaking into your mind.

And then your sleep seems like lucid dreams of streets with girls in plastic heels walking around your head with cigarettes and american smiles.

Everything seems to smell of fish even if the sea is far.

I don’t have my glasses anymore as they hang from my hand and I end up smiling sitting on the sidewalk, getting a pint from the ladies.

And then fishes start walking around the streets like decorations and it’s merely if I walk down from my dreams.

I wake up to turn around and see sheep with lambs scattered and I wonder how much longer it’ll be until I get home from all the paintings around me a few hours ago.


I'm sorry for the delay and it's been quite hard lately with both of my relatives dying within days of each other and I really love them and still do, so I'm sorry if I daze off sometimes and I got really cheered up by an anon a few minutes ago who really made me smile and write, I don't think I'm as brilliant as Sylvia Plath though:D thank you

Thank you everyone really for liking my writing as much as you do

Thank you so much

I got my first request I'd say even at the hardest point of life not knowing what to do before I had moved and ever since writing and everyone keep me going along with the people I love and two of whom died this february.

Thank you

So much

I hope you enjoyed this

I just decided to walk down where I live and just wander around and all the streets and everything came in mind, didn't use all I saw will use later:)


Sing To The Numb, To All Of Us

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