Friday, 27 April 2012

Stir Friday

I sip my coffee, hat on, just waiting as Jamie stirs his coffee, looking up as I see him in the reflection and I can press my back against him, feeling his hair and he flinches slightly and I just take another sip, waiting for him to tell, instead he doesn’t and stands up.

After some wandering with him in the lead around I can see him sitting opposite me and yanking my chin and pressing a fast kiss, a quick tongue interaction and his coffee would be finished in front of my own eyes.

I would stir the new sugar he’d have and lick off the taste and unbutton his shirt, slowly stroking his chest.

“Daniel.” I hear Jamie say behind me when he’s back answering Alison’s question as she raises her eyebrows, also reflection and I don’t order another coffee until I’m asked and I nod softly.

“Those dreams, I told you and the whole thought. I think.” He keeps drinking and orders apple pie, his hair falling on his face. “Dunno just yesterday. It was quite odd.”

Jamie goes silent not saying how we meet, scratching the tip of his nose.

“He asked me. We went to his and he just, fuck, looks at me in this weird way and I just smile and fuck.” He keeps silent. “It’s like you just look into a person’s eyes and you’re thinking I want that person and you just do, sometimes it’s mutual sometimes you just have to wait and see.

We didn’t talk, too much tension.

I just kept pacing in the night in his apartment and when we were both asleep he offered me the couch which I took and he tucked me in for the night. I slept and the morning was long gone with the afternoon.”

“So did you guys have sex?” Alison asks taking a bite of Jamie’s pie.

“Yes.” Jamie swallows. “I felt bad for staying over and raided his kitchen, saw that he has no food and headed out to buy something. I came back and he just pounced on me, mouth on mouth, the bags dropped and I just kept frenching him, touching him whenever I could until I could get hold of tearing off his pajamas and getting to his skin.”

He kept licking me a lot, stroking my cock once he had his hand in my pants, his tongue teasing my entire chest and stomach as he just slowly stroked, himself just as turned on as I switched myself over to take his cock in my mouth and Jamie just gasped thrusting and holding my face as I kept licking and sucking, stroking his thighs, taking more until he came inside me and I kissed him again as he tried to regain his breath still quite scared.

“He gave me a blowjob and then we just, I thought we’d, well, we’d get dragged to the living room and he went inside me.” Jamie looks down, blushing, as I recall spreading him out, licking his back as he went on fours and how I kept kissing him as he sucked on my fingers.

“H-he came inside me. I came. It was wonderful, the gasping, the collapse and the feeling, I guess.” Jamie says and I don’t think Alison wants any more detail, so I lean backwards nervous.

Alison leaves the table for a while, getting a knife she had dropped mid conversation and I look to see Jamie playing with the coffee cup.

He doesn't say anything today or tomorrow

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