Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Humming Television Set7

The water drains and we open the window with Daniel’s hand sliding over my body and he presses his head against shoulder and licks my neck, his eyes closed and hand sliding lower and I turn towards him from the window we were both nearly throwing ourselves out with all the rain and the men in wet suits, all the ladies in busses and he catches my lips.

I bite his lips and I look at him harder as he strokes me and a finger is in. I look down as he pulls me on top of him and we watch each other for a while as I lean and we touch.

I blush even at the thought of our cocks touching and mine just hardens and Daniel pulls my face closer, his entire tongue inside my mouth and he spreads my legs out, it’s an act of desperation as I slide him in and hold his hands, fingers intertwine as I keep looking down, gasping, looking up, Daniel

Daniel is inside me

Mind you it’s the first ever sexual gay act

And he flips me over and I keep biting his shoulders as he thrusts and my breathing is breaking in two as my nails dig into his waist and I take his hips, my legs stretched out and it’s two men

in love

and fuck it’s supposed to be

beautiful and I raise my own body to meet the thrusts as the layers of sweat match the filled earlier bathtub with no bubbles so that we could escape in front of each other.

He cums.

I watch


one thrust and I bite his neck, grabbing his back and it bangs against my body.

We keep thrusting until we both soften and scream, sweat, fluids and our bodies on the bath mat and another thrust and we’re both hard again.

I pull his jaw and face, thrusting, meeting his thrusts and he sucks on my fingers, as I go with my hands all over his body and he starts touching my cock and I gasp, blushing, still red, licking, biting, kissing his neck.


I’m scared to break it and he looks at me, softening the thrusts, smiling, veil the shyness with all it’s patterns and he thrusts deeper as I gently tug on his lips

too barely to notice what is going on as we keep thrusting, Daniel even slowing the pace just to sink in both faces and both locked lips, as he gently pulls my cock as well, massaging the tip, stroking my balls, as our tongues start rubbing and the thrusts are just as vicious and we lock eyes

we have sex

again and again

it doesn’t end it feels like the years of tension gave us these gifts and I see the bus with his lips and I kiss him as we thrust again

“Daniel, I love you.” And he is just inside me, as I start shivering from the cold and after he slides out, we both walk out, fingers gently touching, lovers too much of a loud thought as I turned around and I smile at him as he pulls a bath robe over each and licks my nose, laughing and then my lips.


I also wanted the sex scene and YAY HERE IT IS :O :O :3

I love them too much:3 I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request further on, I think or believe I've got some ideas XD :3


Humming Televesion Set8

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