Saturday, 7 April 2012

They are married to each other

I try to catch Nicky’s cloth, the blue of his shirt and to take the grin off his face.

Rachel catches Nicky’s arm instead and the alcohol is screaming for my mouth but the bottle is far too away from me.

Rachel whispers something into Nicky’s ear.

Then Nicky whispers the promise he gave Rachel and then the bottle is handed towards me and maybe my choke is like a nod and their hands land on my back as their tongues rub exactly in front of my mouth.

And I keep drinking as their hands travel to the back of my neck.

Nicky is married.

Rachel is married.

They are married to each other and I am married to myself as I keep sulking into the bottle as they start taking off each others clothes and Nicky grabs her breast as I stare into both of them and I want to leave this pub which looks like everyone wants to fuck me in it.

I leave them for a bit and I try to get out of the small town until trees would reach me but the longer I can get is to the next block and I hear Nicky and Rachel. Rachel and Nicky talk to me but instead I close my eyes and sulk, maybe a few tears get out.

Nicky is married.

Rachel is married.

They are married to each other.

And I try biting the bottle as they take one hand each, Nicky holding Rachel, Rachel holding me as I don’t give one hand to Nicky.

I try kissing Rachel and she doesn’t taste like Nicky, but I start making out with her anyway, knowing that Wire had touched her all over most likely and I bite her neck, wondering what if she could be a Wire daughter and I take another sip of vodka.

They rely on the alcohol.

I rely on the alcohol.

And I kiss her harder, not touching Nicky, raising Rachel’s shirt as we are near their house and then Nicky touches me.

I feel nothing, but I stick my tongue foreward and Nicky has an erection, I get one as well and the alcohol makes everything a stage and the strings are all over, as if I could trip over and we do trip on the floor and Nicky is on Rachel and I am drinking harder and harder watching them.

They are naked and I have a shirt on as they both lick me and I shove their heads lower and lower until I gasp and I come between their lips and they lick me clean.

I take Nick’s head as he keeps sucking me as Rachel is touching herself to me and her husband sucking me off.

It should be sexy so I thrust deeper into Nicky, him gagging a bit but I look at Rachel who is quite near and then I push my band member away and I thrust inside the woman and I fuck her until I come, the bottle gone and the liquid soaked up by the floor as Nicky takes me by the shoulders and thrusts inside me.

I am between them.

Nicky is married.

Rachel is married.

They are married to each other.

And the liquid gets soaked.


Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it:3

<3 Chain Smoking


  1. A little more detail on the sex/ appearances of each others bodies would have been better

  2. It would but for this story I wanted it a bit vague :3

    Thank you!