Monday, 9 April 2012


Too many people die without anything.

Too many envelopes are discarded before reached or burnt in this case.

I run a hand through my hair looking at all the newly dead in the line, all holding a sealed envelope, new ones given just to feel a bit loved and with a mere nod they are given.

I quickly look through all of them.

I recall wearing a black robe to job once and my boss just slapped me across the face, saying to respect the dead.

I found it humorous, at least it seemed so and I recall how terrified the people were when I pulled up my hood, imagery is terrifying when you open your eyes to death and then you are in a post office and the price gets given.

You pay whatever you ahead left with a price on the back side of the envelope, then I lick it sealed and a person is headed off.

I wore a suit again and Paul just nodded it off as I smirked, making coffee, wondering what else could I wear to scare off the dead.

I take a few marshmallows I bought in the vending machine, while the dead waited in cue for the envelopes to be given.

Sometimes we have busy days and until you read what happened there is no connection to what is where they all come from.

Maybe me and Paul were once alive but I doubt so.

I just recall waking up on this floor and Paul telling me to stand up and telling me about my job and he gave me cake saying today was my birth and that the same thing happened to him.

We stay here, checking a little post box every day until we are sent away.

Paul started checking it for us lately and making sure none of the dead were here.

Paul was my boss ever since and he’s been here long.

I give him a few marshmallows as he fixes his glasses.

“What is sleep?” I ask him, handing him the pack and he takes a pink one, plays it between his fingers.

“Some state to ease your mind for those who die, sounds like a prelude really.” And Paul chews it and I smirk.

“Good.” And we finnish off the marshmallows together.

Sometimes it’s me and Paul left.

Others wander off into other sections of the building, leaving both of us in charge.

Paul turned off the lights once.

When we had no one and just stared at me, saying I have a nice jaw and I just looked at him as he started flickering with the light switch.

I took his face in my hands.

“Back where-” I kiss Paul. “Homosexuality is banned somewhere.”

And I kiss him again.

Paul gets an envelope the next morning after we kiss and I find it out as I drink my coffee.


I was falling asleep and the idea of prostitutes paying their price with Daniel at the desk came to me and it took me a while to even remember it as I woke XD I'm on holidays so sleep can be fucked XD

Basically I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I liked it and feel free to request a sequel, leaving everything open as usual

:O what happens to Paul? >:D I don't know yet either XD

Thank you!



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