Wednesday, 18 April 2012

43 cigars we smoke on the way back

I smoke his cigars under the table, not doing smoke rings, his turntables loud and happy with him and Olivia above me.

The door is locked under the mere principle of the household being a locked door is a locked door and apparently a woman in sunglasses with the man’s cigars as well.

I collect every cigar left over there is the ashtray after the finnish and I stand up, Jack taking off my round sunglasses for a bit, chewing some piece of food and then we both sit.

Every wednesday he lets me under the table as he fucks Olivia with a locked door.

The thought is I am here to avoid sex from behind the door.

Once I’ve sat in the chair, whirling and watching them fuck.

Twice I’ve peeked through a whole I carved out with knife I’ve found on the floor, he cuts her hair sometimes, just an inch and she smiles, so black.

And once I’ve taken his gun as he sat on the desk and started stroking my hair, going to the roots and skin, lifting my chin to place a kiss.

I pulled the loaded trigger and two bullets straight to the flesh.

32 cigars I’ve seen his smoke, so I open the drawer and take out 32 cigars watching him breathe out blood as the air goes red and the night swallows the light under the door.

I stab out the cigars on his bleeding dead body and his open eyes are sealed by layers of burnt.

32 burning holes into the dead.

I get a thirty third one and I smoke it myself, tapping my foot to everything.

I wait for the night to vomit out the early light and I don’t say hi to Karen or the children who are sleeping instead, smoking the thirty fourth I drag his body outside.

I could take him on a walk but instead I start my car, thirty fifth cigar.

Thirty six, seven and eight are on the way to the cemetery.

I don’t get him anything, I just bury the lone body, smoking up to forty and laying on the ground thinking of the man who told me monogamy didn’t exist to him and I’ve seen proof and the man is now dead despite all the beliefs I’ve put in other people killing monogamy for my own benefit.

Tomorrow Jamie tells me he dreamed of me carrying a dead crucified Jack as he smokes one of Jack’s cigars he stole a few days ago.


Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it and it had been an interesting request indeed, thank you:3

Off to bed XD G'niiight :3

<3 I Can't Wait

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