Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Stale Smoke In A Running Circle2

It’s the wrong bus but it doesn’t matter as long as it keep me in London I’m fine, I’m always supposed to be fine, so my head is against the rear window and Alex just sits besides me and London is black today as we are so far away from everything and my eyes start closing.

Alex starts humming a lullaby watching me, sometimes stopping to devour another spoon of me and I look at him.

I would be a teenager too a few years ago and I gaze at him, as he hums the lullaby and my eyes are falling asleep with my head and the floor is gone now as I collapse into the ceiling and lower and lower into the water of stars as I sink lower watching the hole from the bus from above and Alex lullaby morphs into the fingers which stroke my shoulder.

“M, lullaby, m, you.” I mumble before wrapping my arms around my feet, my knees and Jamie, his soft face and the grin as I would sit drinking tap water and wanting to sit here again with even the same tap water and give up on food.

I let my head fall backwards exposing my neck.

The streetlights are now my eyeliner and make up and my mouth is opened as I wonder if he would trace his fingers upon my open lips and I would kiss them

I am in love with a man who loves me back

It’s so black and white like a board game and let me collapse on the floor where you would be smashed.

And then my arm starts aching and I wake up to see Alex holding it fingers stroking as his own head and arm are sleeping with him and the streetlights are gone again and it feels like we are going nowhere and standing so I just sit on him for a while and he presses his face against my neck

and I think we’re both still dreaming but when your body starts aching with your mind and you hallucinate

I see Jamie playing guitar on all corners as we both walk out, drowsy.

“I don’t know London. Visiting.” Alex says, holding my hand like the night.

I look at him.

“Same.” And he smiles.

He’s not old enough and I want to sleep on the pavement, my whole body now aching and the cold striking me through my clothing and the bus is in my mind.

“I tell you to lie besides me.” I say and my teeth chatter as we find a bench and I will imagine that you’re a blanket and that you’re Hince, because Jamie loves me and we will hold hands, dear and I collapse on the bench with Alex sitting on the pavement waiting for morning and myself to wake the sun.


I hope you enjoyed it and I guess my own sleeping state just triggered the sudden add to the plot and I hope you'll enjoy it and I'm back to my bus rides XD


Stale Smoke In A Running Circle3


  1. dude! this is the shit! (in a good way)

  2. Awww thank you:D it's good shit indeed ;D


  3. i forgot to add you should watch the film "new york i love you" i think you'll make really good stories out of it, adapted to alex turner of course ;)

  4. Ah, I will:D I actually wanted to check on that movie because I really loved Paris, I love you AH BINOCHE XDWJVKREKVHREJQKVEWRHV ignore me, I'm a fangirl XD

    Yeah I will check on it and write a short story with Alex :3 thank you for the suggestion and sorry about this but it's under number 22 on the list xD sorry for the long wait and thank you very very much:3


  5. same here! :)

    22, what's the first 21?

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  7. I know xD sorry about that it is a long wait xD

    Keep track with the sidebar on the right sidebar:3