Sunday, 15 April 2012

Humming Television Set6

Hailstorms try to reach me through the glass, as my cheek strokes the rain.

And I gasp as Daniel keeps pressing me harder against the glass as the rain goes by and I can’t do anything even move as his eyes are closed and he softens as he feels the hesitation in the skin and my fingers go through his hair pulling him closer as he keeps his head on my shoulder, both of us in underwear with clear enough erections.

I pull him closer and we stand there for a while, I wonder if Daniel’s feet are tired from the weird position as now both my arms are around him and I keep rubbing my cheek against his hair.

“I love you.” I say looking at the tiles trying not to think of Daniel so that I wouldn’t morph into the tiles.

“Same. I love you.” And he nuzzles my neck, kisses my jawline peeking at my eyes.

We smile.

Both too nervous for actions, so we stand there again in the weird position until we both shift and make a bath with sitting in opposite sides staring, toes touching with either white or red faces.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter and yes I was planning a sex scene but didn't in the end :D I guess I can be mean sometimes when I love the tension xD sorry about that:3

Feel free to request further and thank you:3


Humming Television Set7

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