Thursday, 26 April 2012

Used Lighter3

She lights a cigarette outside as she opens the door to the store,looking outside and then going in to get an umbrella. She exhales the smoke, wandering round on the street, looking into the other shops, now dressed in clothing she and just put on firs thing in the morning and sneaked out.

Alison ends up going into a newsagent and coming back with more yoghurt, sitting on the counter watching me bored or serving customers, after a few hesitations I show her the small library I have in the storage for myself and we both flick through unread to me books and choose one each to spend the boring time of the day reading until we get three more customers until the shop gets busy before closing when everyone after their days and works come in.

We closed the store and Alison found windows which she opened and smoked through as we just stared at each other not touching, just her brief smile.

She opened all the windows, making sure that no one would see us inside and she flicked the lights off, maybe to see which items of clothing glowed or not. Alison puts her fingers on my mouth and open my lips with them, touching my longer teeth.

“Not sharp enough.” She says and smiles, throwing herself down on the floor and lighting a cigarette, the fire lighting the monsters of the store with all the claws of the old fabrics and I just sit besides her, my head on her shoulder.

“Good thing I got rid of the monument.” She mumbles and I don’t ask her anything just look at her black hair against everything so black in this room and curl against her, soon enough I fall asleep and I assume both of us to be sleeping but Alison doesn’t instead she grabs a book and turns on the light, leaving me on the floor for a bit as I open my eyes and goes back to get an old set of bed covers and wrap them around us.

“My mouth burns.” I say and Alison leans down to kiss me and her hand goes under my shirt as I feel excited and the pain gets stronger as she pull me on top of her, undoing my pants and stares at me and her chin starts shaking as I take off her jeans and get my hand in her underwear. I start gently biting her neck, my hand stroking her as I start thrusting against her underwear, licking her neck harder and harder she gasps, taking off my clothing and I sink in her, thrusting as she keeps kissing me and doesn’t let me go, holding my back harder and harder until I thrust, I’m scared that I’m bad for whatever reason and she goes on top for a bit and I just stare before we shift.

I lean back to stare and we both gasp, reaching an orgasm and I collapse on top of her, getting myself deeper into her her, trying not to say anything while I’m in, maybe shaking just as much as she did and she pulls the covers over us.

We end up ordering yoghurt and it seems odd that it’s another food to eat but I eat it anyway as Alison kisses me and kisses me again.

“I was bitten years ago.” She says chucking her yoghurt out, finished, banana this time and sits on the covers in the middle of the store so that all the army jackets, veils and just long dresses stare at us as we are the bonfire with the stories to be burnt and I just stare at her.

“I met him in a pub, he owned it, he used to drink blood from the customers who got in a bar fight while he’d aid them, he’d drink some blood, just did. Alex looked far too young for his age.” She made a light pause at his name and pulls her hair back. “I liked him a lot, he’d give me free drinks while I was a teenager and when I was of age he’d give me double, dancing with me briefly from while to while and I’d go there myself by the end of the day, I had my stool near him where he did drinks, sometimes I’d just sit there and read. He bit me once, we were making out.”

She doesn’t go into details.

“And he just bit me, saying he loved me and said he’s self obsessed. I moved in and we both had the bar. Then he closed it after a while, refurnishing it and after a few weeks he was gone, leaving me yoghurt on the table, saying I could eat it on a note. He appeared a few days later and we didn’t say anything and he disappeared again. Years went and I sold the flat, it’s a bar again but Alex doesn’t run it.”

And she swallows her own thoughts and maybe the ending, biting her hand, maybe an old habit and lulling at the ceiling and maybe counting the purple fabrics and she falls on the floor.

I wonder but I don’t say anything, instead I dream of Alex taking a hammer and smashing teh monument with a laughing Alison juggling ice cubes as we all clap to the humor.

And then we all form a circle with our hands, our laughter resurrecting the monument with Alison waking up with a scream screaming about Alex with a hammer.

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