Thursday, 12 April 2012

new kill

Just give me a few hours back
and hold me there
in your sleepy arms

As the laundry twirls behind me as if they could all be my mechanic wings with all the swirls and if all the cloth around me could fall in my mouth so that I could chew it.

I take out the bear from beneath the counter for us both to see the night and wonder what happened to the three p.m. which had been so many hours ago with the man who walked in, a bit hesitating but with a sharp smile and felt a bit too cold even despite the weather and the clothing he wore.

He didn’t comment on my hair, all he did was walk in with bad clothing and smiled at me, gave me his clothing and looked around for a bit.

At first he said that he would wait then he didn’t and he just walked off.

Neither did he come to pick up the clothing or myself or my teddy bear.

The night just ended with the window showing the day with all the imagery outside to change and maybe some sandwiches to share.


I initially had chicken but then recalled that they were both vegans, so was stuck for an awful while thinking. The sandwiches don't have to have chicken in them >.>

Sorry about that and I hoped you enjoyed the new really short story I'll try to put up the Kurt and Courtney in a few hours:3

Thank you


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