Monday, 23 April 2012

What Difference Does It Make3

It feels like I’m sleeping with my eyes open and the ceiling is showing me everything the girls, the men, the food all around and Paul I feel sits besides me and I dream.

He closes my eyes as if I’m dead and I open them to see the lights dim and people wander around as he gives me a cigarette and I sit up, my bed the middle of the room and we both sit.

Paul takes lip balm and smears it on my lips, a boa around his neck and heels for whatever reason.

I flinch and I feel my own bed covers for a bit but instead I raise my head to see the ceiling covered in balloons and now a scarf going around my neck for Paul to choke me lightly for me to glance at him and he kisses my neck, eyes closed and fake eyelashes as the balloons seem to lose helium and I recall seeing Alison again on the street lighting her lighter and looking up to see balloons loose helium again or maybe we are just heading up.

Paul takes two and ties a bow on my neck from both, balloons the edges of the ribbons and Alison lights her cigarette, the balloons catching the fire and she notices me for a brief moment and her smoke smells of roasted meat which Paul I recall was once doing and another treat for myself.

I wake up and I feel both hands pulling me down, two pairs of lips on my own and I wonder too much feeling the clock as I pull Paul closer leaving Alison with all the helium started to get out of the balloons as they burst silently and fall like confetti and it feels like christmas with too many gifts.

Paul takes off his shirt and I bite his neck, take off his glasses as I push him against the wall, pushing the pillows away and staring at him and we both just stop, both breathing and more balloon left overs becoming rain and helium

helium catches my head

and I kiss him again, his hands

And I thrust forward and Alison and the helium

And the bed covers are around my neck

And Alison is on top of me, drinking water and throwing her lighter down and kissing me on the lips

And I make out with her as well, taking off her shirt

And Paul lures me back in

And the bedcovers are tighter and they are pulled by two people

And I scream

And I bleed

And all the bedcovers are torn as I see both of them, Alison doesn’t touch Paul until he traces a hand between her breasts and she looks at the ceiling to see all the girls and all the food and no helium and everything collapse and we all close our heads for our heads and the notes not to spring out

And the dreams

And the helium

And nothing matters when I wake up to get a glass of water, realizing that I am up and how dark and how my eyes aren’t really adjusted and I open the tab of water

Confusion breaks my silence as I stick my head under the cold water, the tab and I open my eyes just to see nothing because that’s what you need sometimes.

I drink from the tab, this time with eyes closed wanting to clutch someone’s hand really.


I hope you enjoyed it :3

Sorry for the delay, I'll try to put up the next story in a few hours or so as well and sorry once again for the delay, I hope you enjoyed Daniel's odd dreaming

Just out of pure curiosity Daniel/Paul or Daniel/Alison or Paul/Alison or all three? :3

<3 What Difference Does It Make4

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