Sunday, 22 April 2012

Glitter Clatter

It’s awkward in more glitter as the glue hardens in years.

I think I sparkle more than she does as we just sit with all the noise and clattering of forks and spoons and my dress feels like a sound itself.

“So how are you?” Rachel asks and fiddles a bit with her collar, as she just met me and I offered with the flower pattens and sparkle socks, my eyes no better and I dig my head in the menu until she just grabs my hand.

I speak of a letter which didn’t reach and I never sent and most likely the one she talks about is the same.

Our forks start clattering with the rest.


Sorry for the current delays, I've been with my birthday which is making myself legal XD I'll keep it at that and yeah:D :D :D

I hope you enjoyed the story, the initial idea was a bit different but I liked how it ended so kept it there

I hope you enjoyed it

Thank you :3




  1. Interesting scenario. I have a request if you will, can you write one that's a take on what happened that night Richey allegedly raped that teenage Japanese girl in Japan?

  2. Sure thing!:)

    Uh, I don't recall anything like that happening if to be fairly honest, I recall that there was a teenage japanese girl who well, wanted to be a groupie but she got nervous so -

    Wait, I think I recall it.

    Yeah, I think so she went for sex and then she backed off but that wasn't the case with Richey.


    It should be up on Thursday or so, ok?:D