Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Humming Television Set4

The phone rings.

Actually everyone’s phones are ringing sometimes, most likely all are just asleep and Daniel seems to be fiddling with his mobile, putting his arm around me, ruffling my hair as I keep taking off my glasses and fixing them.

“Just calm down.” He says, a bit worried himself most likely over how red I look over the sudden wait for planes.

“No.” I start rubbing my temples.

Then the sounds morph into silence with a woman announcing our departure.

Daniel kisses my forehead.


A really short chapter, tease even.

What is happening to me right now, I'm being a Paul about it really XD

And I'm off to board now, actually, so will write a longer chapter in the plane hope you enjoyed this short tease really and sorry for today/yesterday's delays!!!

<3 Humming Television Set5

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