Friday, 6 April 2012

Midnight Potatoes

Jack takes a slice of pepper from me as I glance at him and the drowsy state the house is in with Alison on the couch and Kate on my bed.

He steals some more vegetables as he sits on the floor and sometimes glances at the time as if there is some other magical midnight in which we will both disappear and maybe along with the children and all the wives and the lovers.

Jack lights a cigarettes as Alison had tried all the cigars before.

He ends up taking my guitar and strumming the Hofner unplugged, signing some song which I’ve heard yesterday, maybe something long and forgotten when we both met and only he had been married.

I make midnight soup for the both of us.

We try to catch the stars and get potatoes instead, barely glancing at each other, silence being our only noise and the only touch between our bodies.


Sorry for the light delay but I think I'm more back on track now XD I hope you enjoyed this brief Jamie story.

I was in bed stuck thinking that I needed a plot, morning being the next day already and the idea just went in my mind, most likely me thinking of wobbling into the kitchen to get food.

Thank you

<3 new kill

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