Friday, 6 April 2012

Humming Television Set5

We start brushing our teeth together, maybe due to the lack of time and same alarm clock and being in the same room.

We booked a same room, not to save money, just both said the same and it’s not really a big deal now.

I glance at Daniel, but he keeps looking at his teeth in the reflection and I try to just look at mine.

But in the end we just spit out the water and I feel his hand on my back and I keep my head down as his hand travels up to my hair and I just lock my fingers together as he presses a kiss at the back of my neck.

I don’t do anything before he lets his teeth press against the skin.

“Daniel, we’re late.” For whatever we have to be, it’s like we’re sucked in a void with my own denial and desire to close my eyes and escape the future too scared even of the greatest outcome.

He bites the back of my neck harder, I open my eyes to see his eyes closed.

There is something hanging beyond explanation already and it’s too scary to face the mouth and the teeth to whom the bite belong as my thoughts a few seconds ago were to the fast shower I was intending both of us to take. I blur out the fact that we need to shower and Daniel’s teeth are on my mouth now, the water off and the shower curtain open.

I open the water and I’m the one who jumps with the icy feel and he doesn’t.

He just holds me tighter as I keep my eyes open as he kisses me, too tense until he kisses more and I ease, the explanation way too clear and the thing we are late for gone.


I'm very sorry for the massive delay and this chapter was actually intended to be before the previous but then my plane got delayed and the idea to stick both of them came and I hope you enjoyed both chapters.

Daniel was supposed to hold, but didn't, I usually listen to music and Baby Says by The Kills just triggered it really, uh, thank you The Kills xD :3

And thank you feel free to request further chapters!!!

<3 Humming Television Set6

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