Thursday, 12 April 2012

Two inhaling old ladies

Two silver stars, one on the way out and one on the way back and I don’t step on either of them.

I’m wearing too much white as the whole sky which could be if you erased everything around and I keep getting it it all over a massive stab in the back of the body which just immerses itself into the blood and travels demanding a body or rather warmth which is gone over all the years and just sometimes only on death anniversaries the bones are reminded of living along with random people walking around in Nirvana hoodies.

I want to get married again to the dead.

The thoughts of suicide are too frequent and Kurt doesn’t visit, he isn’t supposed to with Francis out of touch from myself and even the magazines to spy on her like the rest of the world actually does.

The chain smoking and the loss of ashes just run itself out as if Kurt’s death was long gone now again

it’s a cigarette

you threw it away not caring at some point

to wash the cars bleach it out

with all the rain

and clouds

and all the weddings in head

Two old ladies walk by inhaling at the same time, we’ll never become those.

And I smoke by myself running into the star I mentioned.

All the men including a random walking bus driver look like Kurt

Inhale into the gone wedding


I had a long thought about this one, I saw a star on the street yesterday and one today closer to mines and decided to use them both, the ladies were seen by me in the town today, both actually inhaling at the same time and the bus driver was merely good looking and the idea of Courtney running into one who looked like Kurt seemed good at that time xD

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you and sorry for the delay


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