Thursday, 19 April 2012

Light Up The Street Lights

The more we go the less letters the signs hold and soon either the sings turn off or the letters are so deep in this void that there are none.

Daniel lights a cigarette under the streetlight and we wonder where there would be anywhere to hide or ask for directions even if we know that we just go back and straight, but it seems like a plain excuse until the morning light shines and we’ll both flinch.

Daniel lights a cigarette and I light my own and we just exhale at the same time as if it were a dance mood and laugh at the absurdity of how you can go past nice houses and in a few blocks you’ve got signs missing and now a smiling Daniel.

I hesitate looking around for a bit and we just wait for nothing as Daniel takes longer to smoke.

I smile, he smiles.

Too much silence so we both reach for a second cigarette but don’t light it, I putit behind Daniel’s ear and he sticks his own back, laughing lightly.

Do something.

“If I asked you to go to prom with me, would you?” And Daniel laughs, most likely his attire wouldn’t change at all neither would mine really, most likely we’d be standing drinking and obviously trying to get drunk.

“I’d get drunk. Let’s get drunk.” I say but we have to wait until morning so we choose a bench near the local supermarket instead of strolling into a random pub and sit there, smoke becoming our breathing due to a chill morning creeping up and behind.

Sometimes I feel that the moment passes and it’s gone.

It doesn’t, right before we stand up after playing random games with shouting words aloud and feeling old and young at the same time, Daniel kisses me briefly and I stare into his eyes.

There is no denial, instead I just press harder against him and french him, deeper and deeper, I believe I’m even throwing him horizontal on the bench as he strokes and fiddles with my hat and hair, my glasses being troublesome but I don’t bother as I kiss Daniel whom I love too much.

We decide to drink a bit, not too drunk, in case we’d hesitate again.


I always hesitate with the title xD

Bus thinking as usual xD

I hope you enjoyed it :3


Stir Friday


  1. I sure did. Hope you'll keep writing.

  2. Oh wow!!! This story is quite old! Wow! Thank you so so so much!!! :3 I'm surely writing more Interpol fanfiction, bear with me :3

    thank you so so so much!!!

    Any specific pairing?:3

    thank you, you honestly made my day!!! :D


  3. Daniel and Paul ones are my favourite. You are so good at this. It's incredible.

  4. Awww, thank you! I miss writing about them since the latest I've done is have them as secondary characters in To Miles xD

    Thank you so so so so so much:3 I'll get my hands on a new Paul/Daniel soon :3